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We can fix WordPress Issues within a few minutes, after we get the requirements to get working on it. But sometimes some issues take up to 24 hours to fix.

We need your hosting cPanel and WordPress Login Information (Username & Password). And all the details of your website’s bug, error, issue, or problems.

Don’t worry. You will get your full money back.

Don’t worry about this. I will take all the backups before starting my work. So, if anything goes wrong, I can bring the site back.

Yes, of course, We can help you with that. We can discuss this in the inbox. I’m here to help people.

It’s better to ask us before you go to place an order. Because sometimes some issues happen which have no solution and also there are lots of things you need to know before starting work & also there is a timing issue as well. So, it’s better for both of us to discuss this before you place an order


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